Closure Information

It is our intention where possible to continue to open as normal during periods of inclement weather.

We take our responsibilities to educate and care for young people seriously, and are aware
of the impact on parents and carers if the school is closed at short notice.

However, careful assessment needs to be made about whether opening in poor weather conditions is appropriate. There are several factors to consider. These include:

  • The severity of the weather at the time
  • The forecast and likelihood of an improvement or deterioration in the weather
  • The condition of the school site, and our ability to offer lessons as normal
  • Access to the school via local and regional roads for staff and pupils [Please note that significant numbers of pupils use local bus services, and as such the ability of the bus companies to offer a normal service is an important consideration]

We endeavour to provide parents with as much notice as we can. As a matter of priority we inform the local authority who will communicate news of any closures through their website and local radio. We will also send a text message to all parents/ carers. Our website is regularly updated during periods of poor weather. We also put notification about closure on our official Facebook page (Tenbury High Facebook), on Twitter (@TenburyHighOA).

You can also listen for announcements on our local radio stations:

  • BBC Hereford & Worcester (1584MW/738MW/94.7FM/104.0FM/104.6FM)
    Information is also published on their website
  • Radio Wyvern (102.8FM/97.6FM/96.7FM)
    Information is also published on their website
  • BBC Radio Shropshire (96.0FM)
    Information may also be published on their website
  • Sunshine Radio (855MW)

On days of potential difficulty, early inspection of the site is conducted and an initial decision is taken, dependent upon the above factors. We will always try to give a suitable amount of advanced notice.

Please note however this decision will be reviewed throughout the day as these factors are subject to change: the weather may deteriorate; the forecast may change; the ability of bus companies to
operate may change or unforeseen other factors may impact on our ability to operate. Therefore we may be forced to close on exceptionally rare occasions during the course of a school day. Again, we will always try to provide parents with as much notice as possible, and make every effort to ensure pupils and staff can leave the school and return home safely.

Sometimes these judgements are difficult. We appreciate your patience and understanding at these times.