Transition FAQs

What equipment do I need?

For most lessons your pencil case should include two pens (black or blue), a pencil, a ruler, a sharpener and a rubber.

You should have a list of the current PE kit in your pack. Please remember that PE kit is also worn in dance lessons.

We recommend that you also talk to your MFL teacher about obtaining a dictionary and your Maths teacher about a calculator.

We do stock equipment to sell to students, which may save you money.

Where do I go when I arrive on my first day?

You go straight to the school hall where you will sit with other members of your house. You will be met by your learning mentor and spend the first day having fun. The only other year group attending school on your first day will be the year 11s.

Will I be in the same class as some of my friends?

Your primary school teachers were asked who your friends are and with whom you would most like to be put with. In our small school you will quickly get to know other students.

What happens if I get lost and arrive late for my lessons?

We realise that it will take you a while to get used to moving around the school. On your first day your learning mentor will spend time with you taking you on a school tour.

We will go over your timetable with you and make sure that you know what equipment you need for the week. Year 11 older pupils act as buddies to new year 7 students and will arrange to be in a particular location at break and lesson changeovers, to help you if you are lost.

Who do I talk to if I’m upset or worried about something?

We are a very caring school. If you have any worries, your first point of contact is your learning mentor. You may also speak to your Director of Learning or any member of staff.

Will we get a lot of homework?

You will be expected to complete a series of challenges in your first half term in year 7. These challenges will allow you to begin to develop some of the skills that we value highly. These challenges need to be completed before the end of the half term.

After this first half term, curriculum areas will set a learning task for you to complete in a homework booklet.

As a general rule if you complete 45 minutes every night you are doing what we would expect.

Are there any extra-curricular activities on offer?

Yes! Every lunchtime and after school there is a large selection of activities available for you to participate in. These range from sporting activities, performing arts workshops, and subject based clubs. The library is also open from 8am before school and until 5pm after school for homework club and use of ICT facilities.