Shakespeare said: the whole world is a stage. So, Performing Arts is a rehearsal for life!

The subject provides opportunities for pupils to develop key life skills. Through the exploration of a variety of texts, characters and circumstances, pupils expand their knowledge and understanding of the wider world, including social and cultural themes and issues, and improve their ability to empathise with and understand the actions, feelings and motivations of a range of different people. To succeed in drama, teamwork is essential and develops the ability to communicate, co-operate and compromise effectively. In addition, Performing Arts cultivates and enhances confidence, the ability to speak in public and, through role-play, prepares them for tackling real life situations. The course encourages imagination, creativity and the ability to explore different possibilities, devising their own characters, structuring and scripting their own plotlines. Pupils are often able to participate in extracurricular activities, which strengthen their involvement in both the school and local community.