Personal Development

In Personal Development we encourage questioning to gain an understanding on what the world is like outside of school.

This is done through building trust with the pupils and creating a safe space for everyone. Our curriculum builds each year and we endeavour to deliver sessions in a variety of ways, including where pupils gain knowledge from outside speakers. PSHE is vital to enable our pupils to develop into being well rounded individuals who understand how their choices impact themselves and on others, as well as allowing them to be more accepting of themselves.

Citizenship aims to upskill our pupils in how they can contribute positively and responsibly to their community. The citizenship curriculum will allow pupils to become more empathetic, question their role in society and also how they can positively impact their society.

Citizenship creates a better understanding our rural identity but also the diversity of other cultures and communities. We ensure that pupils develop and share ideas in a safe environment which will give them the confidence to make informed decisions in later life and become better citizens. Careers Education helps prepare our pupils for the opportunities and responsibilities of adult working life and, as such, has a vital contribution to the school’s aims of working closely with employers, Higher Education institutions and our local community. It supports pupils in the life-time experience of learning so they can make a positive contribution to the world around them. Through the careers curriculum, we ensure pupils receive support and guidance at key transition points. Referral systems (including diagnosis of needs) ensure that pupils requiring more specialist guidance can receive it from appropriate agencies. Our careers curriculum is accessible to all pupils, promotes diversity and provides pupils with the skills and knowledge to forge their own successful careers.