Safeguarding at THOA

Safeguarding is a crucial part of our academy offer as is reflected in the statement of our ethos: high achievement; outstanding care. On this page there are links to our policies and to a variety of websites which might be helpful. Although we are now an Ormiston academy, our pupils’ welfare is overseen by their home local authority so there is also a link to the Worcestershire Safeguarding Board , the Herefordshire Board, and Shropshire Board.

Useful Safeguarding Advice

MindEd is a recently launched site for parents, carers and professionals to learn about child and adolescent mental health issues. As well as the more obvious issues of bullying and self-harm, there is advice about a wide range of concerns such as anxiety and isolation, poor concentration and mood swings. It is free and easy to register.

The NSPCC website is also very useful as is Childline where there is lots of advice about coping with exam stress and peer pressure.

Coram is a website for people caring for children who are family members. The Worcestershire Private Fostering site is also useful for advice on this subject.

The CLD Trust is a counselling organisation which works with schools and social services. They will also take private referrals.

Kemp Hospice offers bereavement counselling which can be requested through school or privately.

There are strict laws for children of school age in employment covering the hours they may work and the sorts of jobs they may do. The academy supports the idea of children working as a route to employment skills and independence but does not support pupils working in contravention of the law and to an extent which impacts upon their work at school and their homework. More information is available at the Worcestershire County Council Child Employment website.

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