The THOA Food Curriculum is designed with our pupils at the forefront.

We aim to make lessons fun and informative to encourage lifelong passion for food and cooking. It is vital that pupils develop a sound knowledge of the effects of diet on health. Pupils are made aware of nutrients and how they contribute to our diet. They learn about the impact that diet has on health. Pupils are taught how to plan menus to address the needs of the consumer and in order to make positive food choices. Pupils learn how to use ingredients within the making of a dish. Through organised and structured practical work, they understand the chemical, functional and physical properties of ingredients. Pupils are taught practical skills that will enable them to use independently the skills to feed themselves and nourish their family in a real-life context. Throughout their learning, pupils are taught the importance of food safety and hygiene. This enables them to keep themselves and others safe in the kitchen environment. Pupils are taught to use tools and equipment safely to produce dishes of a high standard. In food we support the development of literacy by encouraging pupils to know subject specific vocabulary and apply it to their work. Staff develop learning activities to encourage high standards of literacy and oracy. We support numeracy skills through our curriculum. Staff will develop activities to support the long-term memory and key areas of knowledge each year, developing complexity and challenge, as part of a spiral curriculum.