There is a culture of high achievement in our science curriculum which challenges all pupils to question the world around them.

This is done through independent and group work that builds resilience through a variety of tasks to promote curious learners. All of our work has the intention of applying knowledge to real-world situations through big picture infused learning. This links key concepts to contexts which are relatable to pupils and important to the world. Our curriculum begins by fostering the inquisitive nature of all pupils throughout the start of their learning, but works to refine and deepen their understanding once broad key concepts have been delivered. Throughout this we integrate reflective practices in the lessons, homework and checkpoints throughout the course to allow students to develop their independent learning skills and create a stronger foundation for learning in the future.

Concept vs context is at the heart of what we do in science, and this aids us in cementing the core values of scientific analysis throughout our schemes of work. Scientific thinking is vital to our pupils because it helps them to evaluate every aspect of what they do and improve their ability to meet goals and problem solve. Where practical investigations are not appropriate, our teaching still enables pupils to be active learners by embedding content creatively. As a result, our curriculum empowers pupils with the ability to view phenomena from different perspectives and contribute in a positive, balanced way.