Year 11 Expectation

It has been fantastic to welcome Year 11s back to a new school year.

As we enter the final year of their high school career it has been great to see them engaging in their lessons and returning with a great attitude. I want to thankyou for working with us on the new uniform policy and the new school day, it has made for a settled start to the final leg of their journey.

There are lots of exciting events for the Year 11s coming up, including ordering leavers hoodies and organising prom. There are some expectations surrounding these for all students. To attend prom, attendance must be at 93% or above (medical absences excluded), and students cannot show behaviour that repeatedly fails to follow the school rules or policy (repeated behaviour issues or non-compliance to school uniform) or a serious one off breach of school policy (vaping, physical/verbal assault). We are also working on a cylinder model for prom privileges where for every two weeks of full attendance the pupil will be rewarded with a token. The token will be placed in a cylinder of their choice, each cylinder will give them a chance of winning a free ticket, money towards their dress/suit, or contribution towards their transport.

The hoodie process will soon begin. They will be able to choose their colour and personalise it with their name if they wish. There will be a deadline date towards the end of January for orders. Hoodies will be delivered to school in time for them to wear them in school after May half term. The expectation is that hoodies will have to comply with school uniform, the only difference being is that the hoodie will replace the black school jumper. However, please ensure that you keep the black school jumper as black jumpers (not hoodies) must be worn during the exam period. The hoodies are a privilege and failure to comply with our school uniform policy will mean not being able to wear them while in school.

The Year 11 school leaving date will not be confirmed until closer to the exam season and we will be writing to you to communicate this once it has been agreed.

I am positive it will be a successful year for all students, and I look forward to celebrating with them.

Yours sincerely

Mrs E Taylor-Johnston
Head of Year 10 and 11