Changes to Detentions March 2024

As we approach the post-Easter period, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you formally.

My name is Mr Wilks, at the start of the Spring term I have started the role as Assistant Principal (Behaviour, Attendance and DDSL) here at Tenbury High Ormiston Academy. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know your children and working alongside them to foster a positive and nurturing learning environment.

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge some of the positive developments we have observed
recently. One notable improvement has been the impact of our Reset room on reducing low-level
disruptions in the classroom. By providing a dedicated space for students to reset and reflect on their
actions, we’ve seen a significant improvement in behaviour across the school. Additionally, our data
indicates improvements in various areas, including punctuality and adherence to routines, which ultimately contribute to a more conducive learning environment.

I am writing to inform you of some significant updates regarding our school’s policies on punctuality,
uniform compliance, and the value of learning time. There is a change in the behaviour policy, reducing the stages in the behaviour flow chart, taking away C2 lunch time detentions, empowering students to make the correct decisions and thus increasing the quality of outcomes in lessons. Additionally, I will outline how you can support this transition. Below you will see the changes that will be taking place after the Easter break.

Lost Learning Time Detentions:
Commencing after the Easter break, we will be implementing measures to ensure swift restorative practice in response to punctuality issues. From Thursday to Thursday each week, we will closely monitor students’ timeliness to lessons. Any time lost due to lateness at the start of lessons will be recorded, and students will be required to make up for their lost learning time during an afterschool session called “Lost Learning Time Detention” every Friday.

Pupils complete recall activities at the start of every lesson known as ‘Recall activities’, these last for the
first 5 minutes of every lesson. If the student is late, they will be missing vital information to help them
succeed and progress. Recall activities are vital for solidifying knowledge retention as they actively engage students in retrieving information from memory. By strengthening memory pathways, promoting active learning, and testing understanding, these activities facilitate the transfer of learning and enhance metacognitive skills. Through repeated practice of recalling information, students improve their retrieval strength, ensuring that the learned material is retained in their long-term memory.

Please note, that the majority of our pupils are punctual to school and lessons. There is just a small
percentage that are consistently late and missing important learning phases. This is a supportive measure to help them achieve better outcomes and become forward planning young people.

Lateness to School/Uniform Compliance:
In addition to addressing lateness to lessons, we are also taking steps to address punctuality to the school day and adherence to the school uniform policy. Effective immediately, students who arrive late to school after 8:45 am or are found to be wearing incorrect uniform will be required to engage in restorative work during their morning break for 10 minutes. This restorative work offers support and guidance to students struggling with punctuality or uniform compliance. Should a student fail to attend the lunchtime restorative session, it will result in an immediate same-day 45-minute detention afterschool in the Reset room.

A reminder that our school uniform policy can be found on the website: Tenbury High – Uniform
( . There are no changes to the policy (only a change in PE kit
supplier), but any new uniform can still be purchased through the aforementioned link or from the
Clubsport shop in Leominster. If you need support purchasing uniform, we have a uniform swap facility
available in school. Please contact reception for further information.

Faculty Detentions:
To provide additional support and guidance to students, we are introducing faculty detention sessions for those who require targeted assistance, such as with homework completion or academic challenges. These sessions will offer personalized support to help students overcome obstacles and ensure their academic success. These detentions will replace the current lunch time detentions. Heads of faculty, Heads of year and teaching staff will be on hand to support the completion of this work; it could be 5 minutes work or 30 minutes.

Reset Policy:
To further emphasize accountability and the consequences of actions, we are updating and amending our “Reset” policy. If a student is removed during the school day, they will receive a same-day 45-minute afterschool detention. In the case of being removed from two lessons in the same day, they will face a 24-hour isolation, returning to lessons the next day after the 24-hour period. During this time, they will serve both 45-minute detentions for their removals. This policy aims to reinforce positive behaviour and maintain a respectful, disruption free learning environment, ensuring students understand the consequences of their actions and providing an opportunity for reflection and improvement. Staff will be on hand at the end of the day to have restorative conversations and engage with the work completed in the Reset room.

All of the above actions are to ensure swift restorative practice, ensuring students understand the
consequences for their actions and how we will support them moving forward.

It seems appropriate at this point to congratulate pupils on their many achievements as we approach the end of term. In our celebration assembly on Friday 22nd March, we will be issuing staff achievements certificates to over thirty pupils; 120 attendance certificates for attendance of above 97%; attitude to learning badges to 44 pupils for excellent outcomes; an Easter gift and certificate for 94 pupils with 0 behaviour points this term as well as enrichment champion awards for those pupils who regularly attend after school clubs.

In light of these new initiatives, we kindly request your support in emphasizing the significance of
punctuality and adherence to the school uniform policy with your child. Encouraging them to plan ahead and prepare for the school day can significantly contribute to their success in meeting these expectations.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we work together to maintain a positive and
productive learning environment for all students.

Please do not hesitate to contact your pupil’s tutor if you need any support in helping your child meet the expectations outlined above.

Yours sincerely

Mr A Wilks
Assistant Principal